Dogs with trainer

Monthly Daycare Packages

Home from Home, not Home Alone

3 Days p/week

R 1,250 p/month

5 Days p/week

Image by Oliver Cox


Peace of Mind in a Place that's Kind

1 Night

R 280 p/night

3+ Nights

Washing the Dog

Grooming (available to daycare dogs only)

Wash & Dry, so They Feel Posh and Fly

Nail Trim

Big Dog R50

Medium Dog R50

Little Dog R50

Nail, Ears, Wash & Dry 

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Festive Sleepovers (18 Dec - 2 Jan)

24hr care for the duration of their stay

Per Night Per Dog

R 280

Booking Essential

Twin Dogs


Bring a Few, Save a Few


10% Off all Fees

Long Stay Sleepovers