Dogtanian doggy daycare appreciate the different needs, and personality types of all of the pups that visit us daily for daycare or for a short time for boarding. This is why we have created purpose-built areas and services that cater for your beloved pup, from it's early steps to to later years.

  • Dogs that are socialised with other dogs from an early age (although it's never too late to start) are more balanced, calm, confident & well-adjusted to different environments.


    At Dogtanian we help them find their place in the pack, make new doggo friends, and save them from hours of  boredom & loneliness being home-alone.

    We have different areas, inside & out, that allow us to group dogs together as we need, so they all feel part of the family.

    Socialisation & Stimulation

  • For dogs to truly settle they have to be in an environment they feel safe and secure. At Dogtanian, we have two dormitories that are custom designed for the purpose with soft, clean, comfy beds; blankets in the winter; water; and cuddly toys.


    One of the Musketeers sleeps meters away in the adjacent room to monitor the slightest disturbance and be there to comfort doggo at all times.


    With the daycare doggo's arriving at 6:30am, it's an early start for all however!

    Safe & Secure Sleep Guaranteed

  • Puppies are boisterous, naughty, full of energy one minute - sound asleep the next! Most importantly, they are developing their social skills, and will make mistakes along the way.


    At Dogtanian, we have a purpose-build crèche area only for puppies where they can play, chew, and interact with each other all day long.


    But at quiet times of the day we also introduce them to a few of the gentle adult dogs one at a time to accelerate their learning experience of how to become a big doggo.

    Helping Pups Become Doggo's

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