We are Cape Town's most loved doggy daycare & hotel.

 Our dedicated property, run by experienced & qualified Musketeers, with inside & outside play areas, puppy crèche, and private & group dormitories, provides safe, sociable, fun environments, for dogs of all sizes and ages.

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Happy Puppy



The least amount of time a dog should spend with his pack. Works out to R100/day.

Monthly Package:


Pitbull Portrait



Bring your doggie to us 4 days a week for the month. Works out at R90/day.

Monthly Package:


Dog's Portrait



Peace of mind for every work day of the month. Works out to R80/day.

Monthly Package:


Dogs with trainer

Socialised & Stimulated

Give your doggo a place in a pack, developing his social skills & eliminating boredom in his day.

Sleeping Dogs

Safe & Secure

Purpose-built dormitories full of clean beds, blankets and toys. A Musketeer sleeps in the adjacent room.


Puppy Development

Most of the day with other puppies in the crèche, with some limited interaction with adult dogs.




How do I know if my dog is enjoying daycare?

Daycare isn't for every dog, like humans, some are more sociable than others. Some love the pack environment, some prefer more quiet time. But there is a sure-fire way to know if yours is enjoying daycare - on your next morning drop-off, pop him/her on the lead and walk from the car to the entrance. If he/she is pulling your arm off to get into daycare, you can assume he loves it! If he does a swift 180 to get back to the car, maybe it's not for him/her.

How important is customer service to Dogtanian?

When it comes to the dogs, it's our No.1 priority. We do everything in our power to keep them safe & stimulated. We do all we can to give them confidence & social skills. Their happiness & sense of security is what we strive for. When it comes to the parents - not so much! That answer may have suprised you?! But the reality is that we are here for the dogs, we are dog people, and that is where our skills lie. We are not customer service experts, and although we strive to always be polite and considerate, we are not great at pandering to assholes. Please don't be an asshole.

How do new dogs get integrated?

Assuming the dog passes the trial day, he/she is introduced to the older dogs first who are calm and assured, and help to calm the excitement of a first day at school! During the rest of the day we introduce them in sections to the rest of the pack. By the end of the first day we aim to have introduced them to all the dogs in the pack, so by day 2 they can mingle freely.

What is the trial day for, and what are the chances my dog will not be accepted?

During the trial day, we introduce the new dog to a select number of dogs of all ages. During this time we closely monitor the new dog's behaviour and temperament. A dog is not accepted if it displays even the slightest sign of aggression, but also if it is a persistent barker (which can disturb the neighbours and lead to complaints) or a persistent humper (mounting other dogs can be sexual, excited, or dominant behaviour) It's rare that a dog doesn't pass a trial day, and the one's that don't generally already have behavioural issues the owner is aware of. If you think your dog has a happy and kind demeanour, he or she will probably fit in great.

How many dogs do you have at Dogtanian?

We have a 30m2 p/dog rule. e.g. our Table View premesis is 1200m2 and so we limit our intake to 40 dogs. Because some dogs only come 3 or 4 days a week, and the odd absentee, we generally have around 25 dogs on-site there on any given day.

How does drop-off and collection work?

Parents send a Whatsapp message to our drop-&-pick line (066 125 3850) when they are a minute or two from the daycare. We will then come out to meet the car and take the furry, on a lead, into the daycare. Similar process for pickup, when we bring the furry out to the car and put him into the back seat. We find this is the smoothest process, rather than parents getting out of the car and transferring the furry in the driveway of a busy road.

What if I drop or pick-up late?

Cape Town traffic can be terrible! If you are caught up once or twice we will of course understand, and simply ask that you send us a Whatsapp with an estimate of what time you think you will make it by. However, if it is a recurring lateness we do have a fine amount of R50, and R50 for every 15 minutes thereafter. We do this because, not only is 6:30-6:30 a very long day, but only once the last dog has gone home, can we start our cleaning and preparations for the next day.

Can I view the facilities?

Yes you can - we do viewings at 6pm on weekdays or anytime on weekends - please arrange a time before you come. We do viewings when most of the dogs have gone home because a strange person in their surroundings can scare some of the nervous dogs, or get others over excited. However, unlike a Spanish resort brochure, our place looks exactly like the pictures at https://www.instagram.com/dogtaniandaycare/ so a viewing is not necessary unless you feel you need to.

Are there breeds you do not accept?

We don't take Bull Terriers or Rottweilers. Whilst many have wonderfully kind natures and mix great in a pack environment, years of breeding for the wrong reasons, and poor ownership habits have left many with an underlying agression that is simply too risky for us to take on considering dogs or all sizes and ages mix together.

Do the dogs ever fight?

Because of our induction process, and not taking dogs for one-off days, they are a settled, calm, confident pack who know each other well, and generally look out for each other, rather than challenge each other. However, particulalry with the 'teenagers' who are growing bigger, pushing boundaries and learning social skills, a squabble will sometime break out, much like kids in a playground. It is usually over in a few seconds, and of course we break it up as soon as possible. Even in these circumstances the squabble is usually all bluster and no harm is done, but we do have an incident of a cut lip of ear perhaps 2 or 3 times a year. Nothing serious, but dogs will be dogs. This should not be confused with the boisterousness, again of mostly younger dogs, who may come home with a play-mark here or there. This is like a grazed knee or elbow for a child, and the result of dogs playing with their mouths. There is no intended harm, but sharp little teeth will sometimes catch. We check the dogs over regualrly, especially the very active ones, and we'll always inform you if there are any play-marks to be aware of. But if you are expecting your dog to come home in prisitine condition, with no marks, no muddy knees and no chewed collars...daycare is probably not for you.